Why is frittata good for you?

Why is frittata good for you?

Not only that – a veggie frittata is filling, packed with good nutrition and a versatile choice for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The nutrition of a veggie frittata includes protein from the eggs, and fiber, healthy carbs and powerful plant-based nutrients from the veggies.

How many calories are in a frittata?

Frittata (1 small egg) contains 0.9g total carbs, 0.9g net carbs, 6g fat, 5.2g protein, and 77 calories.

What is the difference between a frittata and an omelette?

And, unlike omelets, frittata fillings are mixed in with the eggs in the pan rather than folded in the center. While omelets are typically made to serve just one, frittatas can serve one or many, and can also be eaten hot or at room temperature. Large frittatas are cut in slices and served.

Are potatoes and eggs good for breakfast?

This flavorful recipe is perfect any morning or special day. Hearty eggs & potatoes are full of flavor, cheese and all of your favorite breakfast foods. This is one filling dish! Try pairing it with Fruit Kabobs and Orange Juice Smoothie to round out your breakfast!

Do Italians eat frittata for breakfast?

Although Italians generally do not eat many eggs for breakfast, they do consume eggs at other meals. A frittata can be eaten at lunch in combination with a salad, or more commonly, the frittata will be cut into wedges and served at room temperature on an antipasti platter. …

What nationality is frittata?

A frittata is an egg dish that’s usually made with meat, cheese, and vegetables. You can think of a frittata as an Italian omelette. The origin of the word frittata is the Italian friggere, “fried,” and in Italy it was once a common way to describe any egg dish cooked in butter or oil in a pan.

What nutrients are in a frittata?


  • 31% Total Fat 20g.
  • 47% Saturated Fat 9.4g.
  • Trans Fat 0.4g.
  • 107% Cholesterol 320mg.
  • 43% Sodium 1028mg.
  • 10% Potassium 334mg.
  • 1% Total Carbohydrates 4.4g.
  • 2% Dietary Fiber 0.5g.

What goes well with frittata?

What to serve with frittatas. Frittatas make a great main dish for any meal of the day. Or, you can treat a frittata as a side dish in a larger breakfast spread (especially mini frittatas). Sides that complement frittatas include simple green salads, breakfast potatoes or hash browns, and toasted whole-grain bread.

Why Frittata is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

It’s packed with nutrients and rich in proteins. Makes it great not just for breakfast but for lunch, brunch or even dinner! Frittata is make ahead and freezer friendly and is perfect for meal preps! You can make it and store in fridge or freezer and reheat it easily and serve fast.

What can you serve with frittata?

Talk about versatile: A good frittata is an egg dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; tastes as good (and arguably better) cold or at room temperature as it does warm; and can be packed with just about anything—including leftovers.

What is the perfect healthy breakfast?

A Healthy Breakfast Has at Least 5 Grams of Fiber. One way to get to those 5 grams of fiber is to include a whole grain and/or fruit or vegetables with your breakfast. Breakfast is the perfect time to work in a serving or two of whole grains, which along with fiber also offer many health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

What are some healthy breakfast recipes?

Cover half a cup of spinach with water in a mug, and microwave for a minute. Drain water and add an egg, milk, cheese, and a crumbled slice of bacon. Mix thoroughly, then microwave for three more minutes. Throw a top on the container to eat later or enjoy right away.