Who owns the Irma Hotel in Cody Wyoming?

Who owns the Irma Hotel in Cody Wyoming?

Mike Darby
Join Mike Darby, owner of the Irma Hotel, as he walks us through the history of this historic downtown gem. William F. Cody helped found the town of Cody in 1895. He opened the Irma Hotel, which he called “just the swellest hotel that ever was.” Cody maintained two suites and an office for his personal use.

What happened to Irma Cody?

She left the hotel’s extensive collection of Buffalo Bill memorabilia to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, and stipulated that proceeds from the estate be used as an endowment for the museum. The Irma Hotel is still open for business as both a hotel and restaurant.

How old is the Irma Hotel in Cody Wyoming?

120Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel & Restaurant / Age (c. 1902)

When was the Irma Hotel built?

1902Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel & Restaurant / Year built

Visit the Irma Hotel – a place that Buffalo Bill Cody called “a gem” just outside of Yellowstone National Park. He built the hotel in 1902 and named it for his daughter, Irma.

Where is the Buffalo Bill Dam?

Cody, Wyoming
Buffalo Bill Dam, on the Shoshone River about 6 miles upstream from Cody, Wyoming, is a concrete arch structure of constant radius. The structural height is 350 feet and the volume is 87,515 cubic yards. It is one of the first high concrete dams built in the United States.

Where is Irma Cody buried?

The famous Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming is named after her….Irma Louisa Cody Garlow.

Birth 6 Feb 1883 North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska, USA
Burial Riverside Cemetery Cody, Park County, Wyoming, USA
Plot Section 13, Block 11, Lot Number 11

Where is Wild Bill Hickok’s grave?

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Deadwood, SDWild Bill Hickok / Place of burial
A visit to Deadwood’s Mount Moriah Cemetery · Black Hills Boothill is a great way to combine history and physical activity. One of the Old West’s most famous gunfighters, Wild Bill Hickok, is buried there (pictured). The Cemetery is open to pedestrians.

What is the Irma Hotel in Buffalo NY known for?

The historic Irma Hotel hosted Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show tryouts and European nobility who headquartered there for hunting trips.The historic section of the hotel offers 15 renovated rooms that housed some of the most famous personalities the world has ever known.

What is the Irma Hotel in Yellowstone National Park?

It showcases an on-site bar and restaurant and a free shuttle service to Yellowstone Regional Airport, a 5-minute drive away. Each air-conditioned room at Irma Hotel includes a cable TV. Guest rooms include a coffee machine and a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Why stay at the Irma Hotel?

Family fun, and it’s FREE!The Cody Trolley, headquartered at the Irma, offers live narrated tours of Buffalo Bill’s town…you won’t want to miss it.The Irma Hotel is centrally located in downtown Cody within walking distance to many area attractions including the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, shopping and the City recreation center.

Everyone from Colonel Cody, to princes and potentates, Indian chiefs and cowboys “came as they were” to the Irma. The hotel was opened to the public on November 1, 1902. A grand opening celebration followed on November 18 (see original invitation below).