Who is the best choreography in the world?

Who is the best choreography in the world?

Beginning his dancing career at 13-years-old, Matt Steffanina is the world’s most popular dance choreographer on YouTube.

What singer has the best dance moves?

Rolling Stone Readers Pick Their 10 Favorite Dancing Musicians

  1. Michael Jackson. It should come as no surprise that the King of Pop won this poll by a significant margin.
  2. Britney Spears.
  3. James Brown.
  4. Mick Jagger.
  5. Lady Gaga.
  6. Prince.
  7. Madonna.
  8. Janet Jackson.

What song on YouTube has the most views?

Baby Shark Dance
Most popular YouTube videos based on total global views as of December 2021 (in billions)

Characteristic Number of views in billions
“Baby Shark Dance” – Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories 9.78
“Despacito”- Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee 7.65
“Johny Johny Yes Papa” – LooLoo Kids 5.97
“Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran 5.55

How to choreograph a dance?

Study the Music. If you know what music you want to choreograph your dance to, start studying. Go beyond creating…

  • Watch the Pros. Take some time to watch dance-heavy musicals, like “Chicago” and “Anything Goes,” competitive series…
  • Plan for Audience and Venue. Think about who your performance or event is for.
  • How does choreography work?

    Choreography is an artistic opportunity to express one’s personality through the creation of dance. A choreographer designs and directs routines used in dances and performances. They love movement and the art of dance, but most of all love to inspire others by sharing their creative ideas.

    What is a choreography reel?

    Choreography Reel: Wes Veldink. A choreography reel is set forth to give viewers an idea of the choreographer’s aesthetic. It serves as a visual representation of the essence of the artist’s work without showing a piece of choreography in its entirety. The following is a commercial reel for Wes Veldink.