Who is better Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Who is better Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Gandalf is greater than Dumbledore, although (or perhaps because) he had less power. He rallied all the free peoples of Middle-Earth to the cause, gave them heart, and sacrificed himself to save his friends and the quest in Moria.

Is Dumbledore a half-blood?

(sorc.), S. of Mag.Q. (c. Summer 1881 – 30 June, 1997) was an English half-blood wizard. A Muggle-supporting wizard, he was considered to have been the greatest wizard of modern times, perhaps of all time. He was the son of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, and the elder brother of Aberforth and Ariana.

Did Harry Potter meets Dumbledore in heaven?

He did not meet Dumbledore, he met death himself. Let’s think, Harry died, it is obvious why Voldemort is there, it’s the part of his soul that’s in Harry.

How old is Dumbledore when he meets Tom Riddle?

Dumbledore WAS middle aged when he met Tom Riddle. He was around 58 years old.

How old is Voldemort?

Voldemort (according to Pottermore) was born in on 31st December, 1926. He died on 2nd May, 1998 at the age of 71 years, 5 months and 2 days.

Why did Voldemort turn into a baby?

His Child-Form When Resurrected Pettigrew mixed up a potion for Voldemort using unicorn blood and the venom of Nagini. With this potion, they were able to create a new body for Lord Voldemort to finally return to. However, this body was not what Voldemort needed to return to his fearful leadership form.

What age is Voldemort?

Is Voldemort younger than Dumbledore?

I know that Dumbledore is really old, and is quite a bit older than Voldemort, and that Hagrid is about the same age as Voldy, but Hagrid always seems to be about 35-45 age range, while Voldemort seems to be a lot older. Also, was the war going on when the marauders were in school, or did it start just after they left.

Who played Dumbledore and Gandalf in the Harry Potter movies?

It was Richard Harris who played as Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films and Micheal Gambon in the remaining ones because of Mr. Harris’ death while Ian McKellan played Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films.

Are Dumbledore and Gandalf the same person in LotR?

No they do look kind of same but they are different people. Infact in the first movie Dumbledore is played by Richard Harris and from the sexing movie onwards the character is portrayed by Michael Gambon. Whereas Ian McKellen plays Gandalf in LOTR.

Who played Albus Dumbledore in all The Lord of the Rings films?

Richard Harris played Albus Dumbledore in the philosophers stone (2001) and the chamber of secrets. (2002) until his death. Sir Ian McKellen played Gandalf the grey and Gandalf the white in all 3 of the Lord of the rings films and all 3 of the hobbit films.

What would Dumbledore look like after death?

In fact, Dumbledore even has a better after-death look, adapting his Hogwarts garb to an all-white, heavenly set of robes. There’s something to be said about looking better than someone at both young and old stages of their lives, but looking better after the grave? That’s a major win for Albus.