Who has been Miss Texas?

Who has been Miss Texas?


Year Name Local Title
2021 Victoria Hinojosa Miss South Texas
2020 Taylor Kessler Miss Lone Star
2019 Alayah Benavidez Miss San Antonio
2018 Logan Lester Miss Harris County

Who was Miss Texas in 1978?

Sandi Miller
Item Description

Title Miss Texas 1978
Personal Names Miller, Sandi
Description Portrait of Sandi Miller, who is representing the state of Texas in the Miss America 1979 Pageant of Beauty and Talent in Atlantic City, N.J.
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Who was Miss Texas 1973?

Judy Mallett
Photograph of Judy Mallett, who was voted Miss Texas in 1973.

How many Miss Americas have been from Texas?

three Miss Americas
Fairest of the fair she is—but George is only one of three Miss Americas from Texas. The surprising thing about Texas’ former Miss Americas isn’t that they’re darn pretty but that they’re pretty darn smart.

Who was Miss Texas 1971?

Janice Bain

Year Name Local Title
1971 Janice Bain Miss White Settlement
1970 Belinda Myrick Miss West Texas
Phyllis George Miss Dallas
1969 Dana Dowell Miss Longview

Who was Miss Texas in 1975?

Mary Ellen Richardson

Year Name Placement at Miss America
1975 Mary Ellen Richardson Top 10
1974 Phyllis Barger
Shirley Cothran Winner
1973 Judy Mallett Top 10

Who was Miss Texas in 1962?

Carolyn Barre
Miss Wool of Texas Carolyn Barre, a home state girl, wins the Miss Wool title that year to the great pleasure of the audience.

Who was Miss America in 1880?

Miss Myrtle Meriwether
In 1880, so the story goes, Miss Myrtle Meriwether, the owner of a modest millinery and gift shop in Porter County, Pa., was vacationing in Rehoboth Beach.

Who was Miss Texas in 1974?

Phyllis Barger

Year Name Local Title
1975 Mary Ellen Richardson Miss Waco
1974 Phyllis Barger Miss Houston
Shirley Cothran Miss Haltom-Richland Area
1973 Judy Mallett Miss Haltom-Richland Area

Who was Miss Texas in 1983?

Dana Rogers

Year Name Hometown
1983 Dana Rogers Boerne
1982 Gloria Gilbert Millsap
1981 Sheri Ryman Texas City
1980 Terri Eoff Lubbock

How many times has Miss Texas won the Miss USA title?

Nine Miss Texas USA titleholders have won the Miss USA title and one, Chelsi Smith, has been crowned Miss Universe. In the 1980s Texas won the Miss USA title five consecutive years from 1985 to 1989, a streak known as the “Texas Aces”.

What is the history of Miss Texas?

For the professional wrestler known at one time as “Miss Texas”, see Jacqueline Moore. The Miss Texas competition was founded in 1937 as a scholarship contest for young women. The winner represents Texas in the Miss America pageant; three winners have gone on to be crowned Miss America (but none since 1975).

Where is the Miss Texas USA pageant held?

Miss Texas USA. The pageant is currently held in Houston and has previously been hosted by El Paso, San Antonio, South Padre Island, Lubbock and Laredo. It was televised from 1971 to 2009. Contestants enter by winning local pageants or may choose to compete “at large” with an assigned title.

Was Sue Ellen Ewing Miss Texas in 1967?

In the long-running television series Dallas, the character Sue Ellen Ewing had purportedly won the title of Miss Texas in 1967, long before the events of the show took place (1978–91).