What is therapy putty used for?

What is therapy putty used for?

Therapy putty is used for strengthening hand grip and finger strength. It’s commonly used during rehabilitation to improve hand strength after an injury, illness, surgery, stroke, or for people with other disorders that affect muscle tone and grip strength.

How much does therapy putty cost?

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What is rehab Putty?

Description. The Pro Advantage Rehab Putty is designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs. The Putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched. Color coded by resistance. Combine any colors to create custom resistance for individual needs.

How do you use rehab Putty?

Form the putty into a barrel shape and place in palm of hand. Dig fingers into the putty until they press through the palm of the hand and form a fully clenched fist. Release the fingers, roll the putty over to reshape and repeat. Carry out exercise with both hands.

Is putty good for arthritis?

Putty Can Help Improve Muscle Strength, Range of Motion in Joint. The softest therapy putties are useful for improving the range of motion in your joints.

Is putty good for stress?

The feeling of squishing, shaping and popping the putty can be fantastic stress relief. It is calming to just focus on the putty and how it feels. A plus with the putty is that you can play with it while working.

Is therapy putty good for carpal tunnel?

Therapy putty is useful for a variety of different diagnoses, including: Carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand weakness after a stroke or cervical radiculopathy. Trigger finger.

Does therapy putty have latex in it?

Theraputty is made from a silicone polymer and is gluten, latex, nuts, egg and soy free. Theraputty comes in it’s own plastic container for easy storage.

Is playing with putty good for your hands?

Hand therapy putty exercises are a great way to strengthen hand function and improve mobility. Sometimes hand weakness is the result of a stroke or other neurological injury.

Does therapy putty dry out?

Theraputty® is bleed-proof, nontoxic, clean, non-oily, and will not leave color or residue on patient hands. Six visually distinct colors reflect established standards in resistive exercise, that progress in resistance from super soft to extra firm. Pleasant to the touch, this silicone putty will not harden or dry out.

Does putty help carpal tunnel?

Therapy putty is useful for a variety of different diagnoses, including: Carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand weakness after a stroke or cervical radiculopathy.

How to do therapy putty exercises at home?

Hand Therapy Putty Exercises to Try at Home. 1 Power Grip. This therapy putty exercise is helpful for all ability levels. Grab your putty and squeeze it using all five fingers, then relax. Repeat 2 Full Grip. 3 Finger Scissors. 4 Finger Spread. 5 Fingertip Pinch.

How do you use putty for spasticity?

This resistance exercise focuses on extending the muscles that were flexed in the previous exercise. Roll your hand therapy putty into a ball and pinch it using your thumb and fingertips. If you have spasticity in your hand that makes it difficult to move each finger individually, press all fingers into the putty at once.

How do you use putty for hand flexion?

For this hand flexion exercise, roll the putty into a ball and hold it in your palm. Then, press all your fingers except the thumb into the putty. This exercise adds one layer of challenge to the previous exercise by removing the thumb from helping.

How do you roll with putty?

Roll the putty out and wrap it around all your fingers to form a circle. Then, spread your fingers apart. This movement targets extension instead of flexion. Roll the putty out and wrap it around one finger while the finger is bent. Then, extend (straighten) the finger while using the putty to provide resistance.