What is the purpose of a wither strap?

What is the purpose of a wither strap?

Wither straps are used to lift the breast collar above the point of the horse’s shoulder, for unrestricted movement. Snaps on either end and adjustable buckles make installation easy.

How long are wither straps for horses?

The wither strap aids in holding the breast collar up out of the way of the horse’s shoulders. The breast collar can restrict movement and hinder full extension if it gets below the point of the shoulder. Neck strap can be adjusted in length from 24″ to 28″.

How wide is a wither strap?

1 1/2″ wide
Rugged Ride Padded Wither Strap is made of 1 1/2″ wide, soft durable leather.

Do English riders use breast collars?

The breast collar is used on both English and Western saddles. Horses in Western disciplines that involve working with cattle, use a thicker and sturdier style. The pulling breast collar harness is popular among Western riders, particularly ranchers and ropers.

What is a breast collar for horses?

Breast collars are designed to help keep your saddle from sliding back on your horse. Western breast collars come in a variety of styles and forms and fill a variety of riding needs, including barrel racing and trail riding. They not only serve a functional purpose however; Horse breast collars are also quite stylish.

Where does the wither strap go on a horse?

A wither strap, or an over the neck breast collar strap, is designed to go up over the withers to hold your breast collar up in the correct position over the shoulder, so as not to rub across your horse’s shoulder. Breast collars should not be fitted in any way that will restrict the horse’s movement.

How long is a breast collar?

An average collar measures approximately 38” from end of O ring to end of O ring. If you have high set dee rings or a large chested horse you may want to consider a touch longer average length of approximately 40-41” from O ring end to end.

What does a martingale do for horses?

A martingale is a piece of equestrian tack designed to control a horse’s head carriage and act as an additional form of control besides, for example, the bit. It prevents a horse from throwing its head so high that the rider gets hit in the face by the horse’s poll or upper neck.

What does a breast plate do?

A breastplate (used interchangeably with breastcollar, breaststrap and breastgirth) is a piece of riding equipment used on horses. Its purpose is to keep the saddle or harness from sliding back. On riding horses, it is most helpful on horses with large shoulders and a flat ribcage.

What is a wither strap used for?

It is for training, showing, ranching, roping, trail riding, and barrel racing. The wither strap is a simple strap that can even be then made out of a bungee cord with snaps on the two ends. To make one, cut the cord to the correct length. The strap picks the breast collar up to where it follows the shoulder.

What are the straps on a barrel racers collars for?

Popular with barrel racers to help hold their breast collars above the point of the horse’s shoulder so it does not interfere with forward motion. These straps are made from 1/4″ thick Hermann Oak leather. Each strap measures 3/4″ wide and approximately 26″.

What is the best tack for a western spur?

The Dark Flash Arizona Flower tack is perfect for any occasion, with distressed leather that matches almost any saddle and bright silver spot accents on a dark textured underlay. Designed in a men’s cut, these spur straps will fit most Western spurs.