What is the Night Watch by Sarah Waters about?

What is the Night Watch by Sarah Waters about?

Moving back through the 1940s, through air raids, blacked-out streets, illicit partying, and sexual adventure, to end with its beginning in 1941, The Night Watch tells the story of four Londoners—three women and a young man with a past—whose lives, and those of their friends and lovers, connect in tragedy, stunning …

Who is Sarah Waters?

Judith Murray
Agent: Judith Murray She has a Ph. D. in English Literature and has been an associate lecturer with the Open University.

What has Sarah Waters written?

Sarah Waters OBE, was born in Wales. She is the author of six novels, Tipping the Velvet, Affinity, Fingersmith, The Night Watch and The Little Stranger, which have been adapted for stage, television and feature film in the UK and US.

Who was the author of Night Watch?

Sergei Lukyanenko
Night Watch/Authors

Who is Sarah Walters?

Sarah Ann Waters OBE (born 21 July 1966) is a Welsh novelist. She is best known for her novels set in Victorian society and featuring lesbian protagonists, such as Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith….Sarah Waters.

Sarah Waters OBE
Period 1998–present
Genre Historical fiction
Partner Lucy Vaughan (2002–present)

WHO publishes Sarah Waters?

Sarah Waters – Books | Hachette UK.

Who writes like Sarah Waters?

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  • Which Sarah Waters book should I read?

    To sum up: Sarah Waters is freaking brilliant and everyone should read at least one of her novels. If you’re into gothic romance, go with Fingersmith. Gothic horror, go with The Little Stranger. Not into gothic, go with Tipping the Velvet.

    What is the gloom in Nightwatch?

    The twilight is the dimension that the Others can enter and the plane from which they pull their supernatural power. This realm exists in every place and the Others can enter it by their shadow; the twilight constantly devours life energy and relases magic power.

    What is a night watch?

    : a person whose job is to watch and guard property at night.

    When was Tipping the Velvet Set?

    Set in England in the 1890s, Tipping the Velvet is a colourful, passionate and entertaining lesbian love story. As charismatic heroine Nan Astley (Rachael Stirling) grows into womanhood, she realises that she’s attracted to women, not men.

    What is a fingersmith in Victorian England?

    Fingersmith (slang), slang for a midwife or pickpocket.