What is the movie Cinderella story about?

What is the movie Cinderella story about?

Sam (Hilary Duff), a teenager in California, is obliged to work as a janitor and dishwasher in the diner of her stepmother (Jennifer Coolidge). After a cell phone mix-up, Sam begins an anonymous text-messaging and e-mail relationship with a boy. They agree to meet at a school dance, but when Sam finds out that her secret pen pal is none other than Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray), the cutest boy in school, she panics and looks for a way to make herself cooler.
A Cinderella Story/Film synopsis

What is a Cinderella story rated?

A Cinderella Story/MPAA rating
Its PG rating is based on mean-spirited bullying by the stepfamily and mild sexual innuendo (e.g., a female character’s awkward attempt to entice a gentleman). Other than that, and a tumble or two, there’s nothing bothersome in the movie for older kids who are fans of the genre.

What is Cinderella movie?

Cinderella, the beautiful and kind-hearted daughter, sees her world turn upside down when her beloved mother dies, and her pained father remarries another woman, the wicked Lady Tremaine, who has two equally cruel daughters, the jealous Anastasia and Drizella.

Why do kids love Cinderella story?

So why do people love Cinderella even when they grow up? It is because her story is about hope. The story shows kindness and charity, both through Cinderella’s kindness to the mice and the birds that others see as vermin to the charity of the Fairy Godmother who gives to those who deserve it.

How does a Cinderella story end?

In Grimm’s fairytales, Cinderella gets her prince, he finds out the stepmother’s part in her daughters maiming themselves to marry him, and after deciding that Cinderella’s stepsisters have suffered enough, forces her stepmother to wear iron shoes that had been heated on the fire, and dance until she dies.

Is a Cinderella story based on a true story?

Cendrillon is the true story of Cinderella. He has found a packet of letters from Queen Cendrillon, a Germanic queen circa 8th century A.D., that when translated and verified as authentic, was found to be positive proof that the Cinderella story we know as a fairy tale, is a historic event!

Is Cinderella story OK for kids?

Cartoonish action includes lots of clumsy falls, a careening car, and some stepsister brawls. There’s a bit of mild profanity (“hell,” “damn,” “fart,” “butt”), some sexual innuendo, along with some low-cut stepmother and stepsister outfits, and a few big-breast and breast-implant jokes.

Is a Cinderella story pg?

A Cinderella Story [2004] [PG] – 3.3.

Why Cinderella is a good story?

The characters in Cinderella teach children powerful lessons about human character traits and how a person’s true nature is revealed in how they treat others. This is a fairy-tale that enables children to develop deeper perception, a skill that will serve them well in real life.

Is Cinderella a fairy tale?

“Cinderella”. A fairy tale from the collection of Charles Perrault . Cinderella, a young girl, is forced by her stepmother and stepsisters to do heavy housework and relaxes by sitting among the cinders by the fireplace. One evening, when the prince of the kingdom is holding a ball, Cinderella’s fairy godmother visits her,…

What does it mean to be a ‘Cinderella Story’?

The oldest known version of the Cinderella story is the ancient Greek story of Rhodopis, a Greek courtesan living in the colony of Naucratis in Egypt, whose name means “Rosy-Cheeks”. The story is first recorded by the Greek geographer Strabo in his Geographica (book 17, 33), probably written around 7 BC or thereabouts:

What is a summary of Cinderella?

Summary. The series covers Cinderella’s trials and tribulations as she tries to adapt to her new life while suffering the abuse of her stepmother and her two stepsisters. All the while, her fairy godmother, Paulette, subtly watches her and tries to influence events to fix Cinderella’s life without her noticing.

Is Cinderella a movie?

Cinderella is a 2015 American romantic fantasy film directed by Kenneth Branagh . The film is a live-action re-imagining of the fairy tale and Walt Disney’s 1950 film of the same name.