What is the difference between a retention basin and a detention basin?

What is the difference between a retention basin and a detention basin?

A detention, or dry, pond has an orifice level at the bottom of the basin and does not have a permanent pool of water. A retention basin or pond has a riser and orifice at a higher point and therefore retains a permanent pool of water.

What is a water detention system?

By definition, a detention BMP is an area where stormwater is temporarily stored, or detained, and is eventually allowed to drain slowly when water levels recede in the receiving channel.

How deep is a detention basin?

3 to 12 feet
A typical extended detention basin will range from 3 to 12 feet in depth. Depth is often limited by groundwater conditions or the need for positive drainage from excavated basins.

What do you mean by the term detention?

Definition of detention 1 : the act or fact of detaining or holding back especially : a holding in custody. 2 : the state of being detained especially : a period of temporary custody prior to disposition by a court. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About detention.

What is a detention or retarding basin designed to do?

Flood detention basins are typically designed in small rainfall events to remove pollutants and sediment.

What is a stormwater basin?

Stormwater basins are impoundments or excavated basins for the short term detention of stormwater runoff from a completed development area followed by controlled release from the structure at downstream, pre-development flow rates.

What is difference between retained and detained?

As verbs the difference between retain and detain is that retain is (transitive) to keep in possession or use while detain is keep (someone) from proceeding by holding them back or making claims on their attention.

How do stormwater detention basins work?

Detention ponds are basins that receive and hold runoff for release at a predetermined rate, thereby reducing the peak runoff delivered to storm sewers and streams. Detention ponds are designed to release all captured runoff over time, and do not allow for permanent pooling of water.

Can you build on a detention basin?

The costly and hazardous separate detention pond has been eliminated. Yes, you’ve saved money on construction and of course, you’ve saved a significant chunk of land. Yes, you can now build a larger building or add parking spaces (revenue generating impervious cover).

What is the meaning of detention class?

Detention is also a punishment in which a student must remain in school for a short time after classes have ended for the day.

What does retention basin mean?

Retention Basin. Retention basins are among the most frequently implemented storm water management systems. They are used to collect surface runoff and to improve water quality by natural processes such as sedimentation, decomposition, solar disinfection and soil filtration.

What is the definition of retention basin?

Retention basin. A retention basin, sometimes called a wet pond, wet detention basin or stormwater management pond, is an artificial lake with vegetation around the perimeter, and includes a permanent pool of water in its design.

What is a water detention basin?

Detention basins are storm water best management practices that provide general flood protection and can also control extreme floods such as a 1 in 100-year storm event. The basins are typically built during the construction of new land development projects including residential subdivisions or shopping centers.

What is an extended detention basin?

Draft January 2011 Page 6.4-1. Definition. An extended detention basin is a facility constructed through filling and/or excavation that provides temporary storage of stormwater runoff. It has an outlet structure that detains and attenuates runoff inflows and promotes the settlement of pollutants.