What is Dry joy?

What is Dry joy?

DryJoys Tour golf shoes blend traditional styling with cutting edge Stability PODS technology to enhance platform stability. Wide golf shoes give you plenty of room for performance. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

Are FootJoy icons comfortable?

Comfort certainly plays a big role in the performance of a golf shoe, and as mentioned earlier, the FootJoy Icon Black is both comfortable and supportive on the golf course over long periods of time. The structure of the shoe is solid and helps you establish and keep a strong foundation throughout the golf swing.

How much will FootJoy premiere cost?

FootJoy’s DryJoys Premiere collection is available in cleated or spikeless options. They sell for $199 and will be available at retail and at www.footjoy.com on February 15.

What gloves does Justin Thomas?

FootJoy glove
He wears a FootJoy glove and Footjoy shoes.