What is another word for because in French?

What is another word for because in French?

The most standard way to say Because in French, is Parce que.

What are synonyms in French?


Principales traductions
Anglais Français
synonym n (word with same meaning) synonyme nm Ex : garçon – nm > On dira “le garçon” ou “un garçon”.
“Hate” and “loathe” are synonyms.
“Haïr” et “détester” sont des synonymes.

How do you say because in a formal way?

Since – This is a formal and secondary equivalent to “because”.

What’s the difference between Puisque and parce que?

Puisque could replace both parce que and car but its usage implies that the fact is already known or very obvious. In English, puisque is best represented by the word “since,” and it can start a sentence.

How do you use a cause in French?

Note that à cause de can only be followed by a noun. If you want explain the reason something happened with a verb, you need the somewhat synonymous conjunction parce que, e.g., … parce que j’ai déménagé. À cause de can also introduce a neutral event or situation which merits neither credit nor blame.

What do French call France?

la France
1. The standard “France”: la France. The most common way to say “France” in French is…. la France.

How can I avoid because?

1. As: As is a direct synonym for because (for example, “He opted not to go see the movie, as it had gotten poor reviews”), but it’s inferior. 2. As a result of: This phrase is a substitute for “because of,” not because, as in “As a result of his intervention, the case was reopened and they were ultimately exonerated.”

Can Since be used instead of because?

According to the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual (p. 84), the use of since is more precise when it is used to refer only to time (to mean “after”). You should replace it with because when that is what is really meant.

What do French people call cars?

une voiture
A car is une voiture in French.

Is parce que a Subjonctif?

Does parce que require the subjunctive? No, parce que does not take the subjunctive: Par exemple… J’arrête parce que le feu est rouge.

What is another way to say because?

Different ways to say because, other ways to say because, synonym words because; as. as a result of. as long as. as things go. being. by cause of. by reason of. by virtue of. considering. due to. for. for the reason that. for the sake of. in as much as. in behalf of. in that. in the interest of. in view of. now that. on the grounds that. over. owing to. seeing. since. thanks to. through. whereas

What is another word for because?

Synonyms for because. ’cause, as, as long as, being (as or as how or that) [ chiefly dialect ], considering, for, inasmuch as,

What is another word for “this is because”?

Synonyms for because. ’cause, as, as long as, being (as or as how or that) [ chiefly dialect], considering, for, inasmuch as,