What is a multiplier fishing reel?

What is a multiplier fishing reel?

A multiplier reel is basically a winch, and when used in conjunction with a rod, lifts fish and terminal tackle from the sea bed to the boat. It can be a complicated piece of engineering and must be cleaned in warm, fresh water after use.

Are multiplier reels better?

multipliers have the slight edge on tournament fields (and in casting in near-perfect conditions) , but for practical purposes up to about 160-170 yards with bait (and that is way further than 95% of shore anglers can cast) you should choose whichever you like the feel of more.

Why are multiplier reels right hand wind?

When build & material quality increased enough to allow casting direct from the reel, someone decided that if you turned the rod upside down, you could control the spool with your (right) thumb. Only trouble there is, the reel is now right hand wind, which has stuck through tradition/laziness from manufacturers.

What is the difference between a beach caster and a multiplier?

Below we break down the two: A beach caster designed for fishing with a multiplier will usually come equipped with a trigger grip handle for a better and more efficient grip for casting. A multiplier is a reel that the spool is driven directly by its gearing. The reel itself is barrel-shaped and is held and used with the reel facing upwards.

Are beach casting multipliers right-hand wind?

The majority of beach casting multipliers are right-hand wind, so ensure you feel comfortable with the reel handle positioning. Multipliers do take a bit of time to perfect using and we do recommend beginners start with a fixed spool set up first.

What are the different types of beach casting rods?

There are 2 main rod action types for beach casting, below we have a look at both of them: A fast action rod being compressed under load. Designed specifically for power casting. The action comes from the top quarter of the rod, allowing the rod blank to really compress under load and recover quickly during the cast.

How to cast a fishing reel on the beach?

Settle your feet in position relative to the target, check the leader drop, set the reel for casting. Now turn away from the water and drop the weight on to the beach on an inside layout just to the right of the rod. Don’t use too much body rotation and there is no need to take the rod too far around.