What are the essential elements of writing an argumentative essay?

What are the essential elements of writing an argumentative essay?

According to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, important elements in all argument essays include strong evidence gained through research, a clear thesis, strong organization and logical transitions.

What are the four key elements of an argumentative piece of writing?

Every argument has four essential elements: 1. A thesis statement, a claim, a proposition to be supported, which deals with a matter of probability, not a fact or a matter of opinion. 2. An audience to be convinced of the thesis statement.

What are the five elements of an argumentative essay?

Terms in this set (5)The Hook. an opening that grabs the readers attention and establishes a connection between the reader and writer.The Claim. clear and straightforward statement of the writers belief and what is being argued.Concessions and Refutations. Support. Summary/ Call to action.

What should be included in the introduction to an argumentative essay?

Introducing your argument Like other academic essays, an argumentative essay begins with an introduction. The introduction serves to capture the reader’s interest, provide background information, present your thesis statement, and (in longer essays) to summarize the structure of the body.

How do you start an argumentative introduction?

Start With a Hook. Start your introduction with a sentence that gets the reader interested in the topic. Include Background. Providing readers with background on the topic allows them to better understand the issue being presented. State Your Thesis. The thesis is the essence of an argumentative essay. What to Leave Out.