Some very useful tips on how to write really good compare and contrast essay

While you are at college you are very often asked to have this work done. This can be a short one – about four-five pages or even a big paperwork that will be your honorees. But there are a few certain things to consider while you are writing your compare and contrast essay in college. Those are the tips, you will not hear most probably at school, but they can be really useful.

Things to consider while planning an essay

While you are writing this type of paper, you need to describe the advantages and disadvantages of two things within one contest. The key to the compare papers, one that doesn’t ask for an opinion, is to keep yourself out of it, don’t offer an opinion – just present information. Basically, you have is a simple argument with just information about two matters. Let’s see an example:

Entering theses: “Some people prefer a quiet life of the country, while others prefer hustle and bustle of city life”

What you will be doing in the plot of the essay will be:

  • Providing advantages and disadvantages of living in both locations;
  • Detailed reasons and examples to provide the answers.

As it is clear here, you are not asked for an opinion – so do not offer one! Here is what you should do next to get your perfect essay done.

First thing is a plan:

  • Focus on one thing that you will be describing – in our case it is a Lifestyle;
  • Then see what an issue about it is. Here we speak about an issue, not a debate because in compare and contrast essay you are not asked for an opinion – just give bare information. The issue is – country or city;
  • Gather all negatives and positives – the country is quiet, peaceful, but it is also isolated and doesn’t have many jobs; – the city has jobs, cultural diversity, but it is competitive and expensive. Always look at all the aspects – the more sides you will open up in your essay, the better reaction it is going to get.

Always remember that there is no such thing as wrong and right, while you are writing this particular type of essay. As here you are just presenting your research and not giving your own thoughts. And it is much easier to have yourself looking at this comparison from the side. And the only thing, the inspectors are looking at in those essays is how well you present your ideas.

One more useful piece of advice will be the main focus of your essay. If you planning a large work, you can choose many different aspects of comparison and speak about them. But if the paper is small – pick just one of the sides of the question. In this case, as an example we can say – compare the city and the country in regards to economics only – this will be the short option. Or you can take economics, culture, ecology, etc. as the criteria for your compare and contrast essay. Those will be your lines; you will be following while writing.

In the conclusion of your essay, it is reasonable to summarize the ides of living in the city or countryside. And if you want really to have a neutral essay, what you need to say is – it is a personal choice of everyone, which option to choose. You do not give any opinion, just presenting the clear information and let your reader decide, which option to pick. And those were the main ideas on how to make your compare and contrast essay look great.