Should you use because in an essay?

Should you use because in an essay?

Providing explanations is an essential part of writing. That is why authors commonly use the conjunctions because and because of to make relationships clear. These are basically used to present reasons or arguments. However, there are alternative options which serve to perform the same stylistic function.

Is it grammatically correct to say the reason why?

The noun reason in this usage means cause or the thing that makes some fact intelligible, Merriam-Webster’s says. Reason in this sense, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is commonly used with why, that, for, or an infinitive. So all of these uses are correct: (1) The reason we left early

Is because of correct?

The Classification of The Word Groups Due to is an adjective, which means it can only modify pronouns and nouns according to the purest English grammar rules. Because of is an adverb, which means it can only modify verbs, adjectives and clauses, but not nouns and pronouns.

Can you use cause instead of because?

Cos, a short form of because, is pronounced /kz/ or /kz/ and can also be spelt ’cause. It can be used instead of because (and cos of instead of because of).

Does cause mean because?

Because is a conjunction that means “for the reason of”. Cause is a noun meaning “the reason something happened” or a verb meaning “to make happen”. The important thing to remember here is that because is a conjunction, which means it is used as a connector between words, and cause is a noun or verb.

What is difference between because and because of?

So let’s understand this difference in this lesson. So, first: “because” by itself is a conjunction in English, and “because of” in English is a two-word preposition. Now, “because”, the conjunction, is followed by a subject and a verb. “Because of”, the two-word preposition is followed by a noun or a noun phrase.

Why do we use &?

Originally Answered: When do you use “&” instead of “and” ? The word “and” is used as a conjunction whereas the sign & is not used as conjunction. The sign ” & ” is used in following places : 1] He & she are good friends.

Where do we use because of?

Because of and because are both used to introduce reasons. Because of is a preposition, it is generally followed by a verb+ing or a noun. Because is a conjunction, it is followed by a subject and a verb.

Can we use why because?

I want to know the reason, an explanation to “WHY” he is sad. “why” is only used to ask questions. When we answer questions with “why”, we have to use the word “because”. “Because” is used to “answer” questions with “why”.

How do you properly use because?

Because is a subordinating conjunction, which means that it connects a subordinate clause to an independent clause; good style dictates that there should be no comma between these two clauses. An exception can and should be made when the lack of a comma would cause ambiguity.

What is the meaning of because of?

Because of. Because of is a two-word preposition meaning ‘as a result of’: … Cos. Cos, a short form of because, is pronounced /kəz/ or /kɒz/ and can also be spelt ’cause. It can be used instead of because (and cos of instead of because of).

What is because in English?

Because: meaning and use. Because introduces clauses of cause and reason. It is a subordinating conjunction. This means that the clause it introduces is a subordinate clause, which needs a main clause to make it complete. We use a comma when the subordinate clause comes before the main clause: …

What type of word is because of?

A conjunction (also called a connective) is a word such as and, because, but, for, if, or, and when. Conjunctions are used to connect phrases, clauses, and sentences. The two main kinds are known as coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

What words can replace Because?

Synonyms of because’cause,as,as long as,being (as or as how or that)[chiefly dialect],considering,for,inasmuch as,

What is a better word than because?

Owing to: This phrase is equivalent to “due to”; the two choices are more formal than “because of.”

How do you say because of?

Because and because of – thesaurusbecause. conjunction. used for showing the reason something happens or the reason why it is described in a particular way.due to. preposition. because of something.whereas. conjunction. owing to. preposition. given. preposition. in view of something. phrase. on account of. phrase. for. preposition.

What is a better word for because?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for because, like: since, by reason of, for the reason that, due-to, as, as a result of, on-account-of, as things go, therefore, in-behalf-of and for.

What is another word for good?

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