Is Yvonne Fair still alive?

Is Yvonne Fair still alive?

Deceased (1942–1994)
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How old is Yvonne Fair?

51 years (1942–1994)
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Who plays Yvonne Fair?

Tika Sumpter
In popular culture. Fair was portrayed by Tika Sumpter in the 2014 James Brown biopic, Get on Up.

Who was Yvonne fair to James Brown?

Yvonne was married to Sammy Strain, of Little Anthony and the Imperials and The O’Jays. She was the mother of two children called Leroy Fair Jr. and Venisha Brown. Venisha is also the daughter of James Brown.

Did James Brown know Little Richard?

Somehow it was worked out without any major trouble.” Little Richard and James Brown crossed paths for the first time in Toccoa, Ga., in 1955 at Bill’s Rendezvous nightclub where Brown was just getting started with a former gospel music group called The Famous Flames that included vocalist and songwriter Bobby Byrd.

How old is Yvonne Elliman now?

70 years (December 29, 1951)
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Who is Yvonne Fair?

Yvonne Fair (October 21, 1942 – March 6, 1994) was an American singer, best known for her 1975 recording of “It Should Have Been Me”.

What was the original song of Let your hair down?

“Heavenly”. (1974) “Let Your Hair Down” is a 1973 single by American vocal group The Temptations. Dennis Edwards sings lead on the song and the group is backed by Rose Royce on the track. The song originally appeared on the Temptations 1973 album, 1990.

What songs did Fair Fair sing with Norman Whitfield?

Fair worked with producer Norman Whitfield on a series of singles: “Love Ain’t No Toy”, “Walk Out the Door If You Wanna”, and her cover version of ” Funky Music Sho’ ‘Nuff Turns Me On “. All these featured on her only album in 1975 titled The Bitch Is Black, which was re-released on CD for the first time more than 30 years later.