Is Tina straight The L Word?

Is Tina straight The L Word?

While Tina was famously bisexual on The L Word, supposedly having only ever slept with Bette (that is, until those interrogation tapes were released following the series finale), Laurel herself, who once identified as bisexual like her character, sat down with Diva Mag to set the record straight.

Who does Tina end up with in The L Word?

She is the mother of Angelica Porter-Kennard and initially the life partner of Bette Porter, though the two become on-again-off-again lovers in later seasons, and eventually marry and divorce between the events of The L Word and Generation Q.

Who was the sperm donor on the L word?

Marcus Allenwood
Marcus Allenwood: Portrayed by Mark Gibson. Season 1. Tina Kennard’s sperm donor, and the biological father of Angelica Porter-Kennard.

What happened to Bette and Tina L Word?

Bette and Tina’s often turbulent relationship ended with the couple in a good place as they were last seen raising their daughter, Angie, together, and heading for New York to legally tie the knot. However, Generation Q revealed that Bette and Tina had recently divorced and were co-parenting Angie.

Was Max really pregnant in the L word?

But really, The L Word really went for the gold last night: Max, a.k.a. the F-to-M transgender character who’s rarely onscreen and generally loathed by most fans, is pregnant. Yes, that’s right: The L Word has officially cribbed the Oprah-approved real-life tale of the now-infamous “pregnant man,” Thomas Beattie.

How did Tina and Bette have a baby?

Tina Kennard is an attractive white “lesbian,” though her first and only lesbian relationship when the show began was with Bette. Tina lives an upper-middle class life through Bette, even though she quit her job to have a child with her partner (through artificial insemination).

Does Shane and Jenny date?

The relationship between Jenny Schecter and Shane McCutcheon began when they met in “Pilot”. They become roommates and best friends in season two of The L Word, and eventually date in season six.

Is Shane on The L Word gay?

Shane McCutcheon is a fictional lesbian character from the American Showtime television drama series The L Word, and the sequel series L Word: Generation Q played by Katherine Moennig.

Who is Bette and Tina’s sperm donor?

Long-time viewers will remember that Tina and Bette’s donor was one Marcus Allenwood.