Is Samsung S3 good?

Is Samsung S3 good?

The iPhone 5 has superior build quality and styling, but the Galaxy S3 scores highly on features and value for money. With more than 4,000 user responses the Galaxy S3 generally scores well one ease of use, features, design and value for money but there have been complaints that the battery life could be better.

How can I update my Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo software?

Select Apps

  1. Select Apps.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select General.
  4. Scroll to and select About device.
  5. Select Software update.
  6. Select Update now.
  7. Wait for the search to finish. If your phone is not up to date, follow the instructions on the screen.

Does Samsung Galaxy s3 Neo have NFC?

Turn NFC On / Off – Samsung Galaxy S® III Near Field Communication (NFC) allows the transfer of data between devices that are a few centimeters apart, typically back-to-back. To ensure functionality, only utilize the Samsung designed battery with Near Field Communication printed on the battery label.

What happens after software update?

The updated version usually carries new features and aim at fixing issues related to security and bugs prevalent in the previous versions. The updates are usually provided by a process referred to as OTA (over the air). You will receive a notification when an update is available on your phone.

How many years Samsung phones get updates?

Taking things a step further, Samsung announced in August of 2020 a whole bunch of Galaxy devices eligible for three years of Android updates, including tablets, flagship and foldable phones, and even cheaper Galaxy A series phones.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 a good phone?

Samsung Galaxy S3 review: Samsung Galaxy S3 The Good Android Ice Cream Sandwich; Gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p screen; Slick lightweight design; Quad-core processor; slot for microSD card. The Bad TouchWiz interface can be confusing; Premium price.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 get Jelly Bean?

Samsung has not yet confirmed whether the S3 will get an update to Jelly Bean. If you’re desperate to get your hands on the latest Google OS, you might be better off opting for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is due to get Jelly Bean later this month.

How much does the Galaxy S3 cost without a contract?

If you want to avoid being tied to a contract, you can pick it up SIM-free for around £520. The S3 comes in 16GB or 32GB storage options but it has a microSD card slot so you can further expand its virtual shelves.

Is Samsung Galaxy S3 i930016gb – unlocked international version no warranty?

Samsung Galaxy S3 i930016GB – Unlocked International Version No Warranty This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 i930016GB – Unlocked International Version No Warranty sold by TexasElectronicsdistributor and fullfill by Amazon. I bought this phone to give to a relative,outside the USA, as a gift for when I visit.

Which phones last longer Apple or Samsung?

Originally Answered: Does an iPhone last longer than a Samsung phone? It has a better durability and gets the software updates for a long time which has preformance and battery management updates that’s make phone to have better life span.

What does Samsung have that Apple doesn t?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 smartphones, which launch on March 6, have plenty of features and capabilities that Apple’s iPhones lack. They support 5G connectivity, for example, and have an in-screen fingerprint sensor and higher-resolution cameras among other extras.