Is public health a good course in Nigeria?

Is public health a good course in Nigeria?

Public health is one of the broadest fields in the medical sector. It has lots of various areas and is as broad as you can imagine. While the profession has been seen as one of the top paying careers in Nigeria at the moment, it is also regarded among the most successful in terms of job opportunities and prospects.

Which schools offer public health?

Here are the best public health schools

Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD #1 in Public Health Save 4.8
University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC #2 in Public Health Save 4.7
Harvard University Boston, MA #3 in Public Health Save 4.6

Where can a public health graduate work in Nigeria?

Where Can A Public Health Officer Work In Nigeria

  • NGO’s and Nonprofit Organizations.
  • Nigerian Military and Armed Forces.
  • Local and State Government.
  • Federal Agencies.
  • What Is a Public Health Information Officer?
  • Characteristics.

How many years does it take to study BSC public health in Nigeria?

Students applying to read the four year programme for award of the Bachelor of Science degree must satisfy the minimum university matriculation requirements. Such students must also have at least five credit level passes in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology at G.C.E.

How many years does it take to study public health?

Programs usually take three to five years to complete depending on class loads and other criteria. Some students may obtain this degree and then go on to complete a higher level program for more in-depth study.

Does Babcock offer public health?

The School is made up of the: Department of Public Health, awarding B.Sc Honours degree in Public Health. ii. Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, awarding B. MLS Honours degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

How much is public health in Babcock?


32 PUBLIC HEALTH 825,418
33 THEOLOGY 603,806
34 MEDICINE 1,977,200

Which universities offer public health undergraduate training in Nigeria?

Babcock University is one of the first institutions to offer undergraduate public health training in Nigeria. Another university offering undergraduate training in public health is the National Open University of Nigeria which offers distant learning programmes and categorized as a premier online university in Nigeria.

Which universities offer public health degrees in Owerri?

The Federal University of Technology Owerri offers a special program in public health known as The Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) degree program in Public Health Technology. This unique program native to the institution is offered by the School of Health Technology.

Is mph in Nigeria in Nigeria worth it?

Master of Public health degrees or MPH in Nigeria in Nigeria is highly sought after owing the array of job opportunities available to holders of such degree especially individuals with considerable experience in the public health sector. Also See NYU MPH

What is the Institute of Public Health?

The Institute of public health is as an integral part of the College of Health Sciences and serves as a focal point for planning, implementing, coordinating and evaluating public health research, services and training.