Is Candy a good make of tumble dryer?

Is Candy a good make of tumble dryer?

We have found the tumble dryer easy to use, works efficiently and is incredibly quite!! We would definitely recommend this product which works perfectly at a fabulous price.

Why is my candy condenser dryer not drying?

Dryer won’t dry clothes This could be due to issues with the filter, or indicate that the ventilation inlet grills are obstructed. An incorrect load or defective condenser unit can also be the culprits. As can the water tank not emptying.

Why does my candy condenser dryer keep stopping?

A blocked condenser or full water-collecting tank may make a condenser dryer stop. Remove the water-collecting tank and empty it into the sink. Check the water-collecting tank after each load to ensure you can run a full drying cycle without having to stop halfway through to empty the tank.

Are Hoover and Candy the same company?

Candy is an Italian domestic appliance maker and is a subsidiary of Chinese multinational home appliances company Haier. Candy’s appliances are better known through their continued marketing of the Hoover and Kelvinator brands. Over 80% of sales are outside Italy.

Who owns Candy appliances?

Qingdao Refrigerator Factory
Candy/Parent organizations

Why does my candy tumble dryer take so long to dry?

Drying times may be longer if the lint filter is clogged. The lint filter gathers fluff and fibres from clothes and needs to be cleaned after every drying cycle. A blocked filter drawer or condenser may cause longer drying times. These filters catch fluff and fibres that seep through the lint filter.

What does code E21 mean on a candy dryer?

E21. Heater control relay on the “cuore” electric module is not working. High temperature has.

Where is the water container on a candy tumble dryer?

Product description Your condenser tumble dryer collects the water from the clothes in a water tank that is found at the bottom of the machine.

Where are candy tumble dryers made?

Present day. Today, Candy’s appliances are known more through their continued marketing of the Hoover and Kelvinator brands. Hoover-branded washing machines are largely Candy designs and are made up from Candy components. As well as in Europe, Candy operates manufacturing facilities in Iran.

What is the candy smart csc8df tumble dryer?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tumble dryer that has a range of functions and some sophisticated smart technology, the Candy Smart CSC8DF 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer delivers. It offers the convenience of smart connectivity, giving you the ability to set your dryer from your phone and add new programmes.

What are the dimensions of a candy tumble dryer?

Dimensions of the Candy Smart CSC8DF: (H)85 x (W)59.6 x (D)60cm For a budget tumble dryer, this Candy machine has an impressive selection of programmes (14 to be precise!). It has options for cotton, wool and synthetics, an anti-crease programme, cupboard dry, iron dry, extra dry and quick dry.

What is a smart tumble dryer?

Smart tumble dryers help you to keep connected with your chores at home. This smart tumble dryer from Candy allows you to control it with your smartphone, and it uses sensor drying technology to dry your clothes more efficiently. When you’re not using your phone, it’s also easy to control using the dial.

How does the 8kg dryer work?

Offering great performance, this 8KG model comes with clever Sensor Dry technology, which monitors the moisture levels in your clothes, and stops the cycle once they’re perfectly dry. This not only takes the best care of your garments, but also saves you time, avoids over-drying, and is kind on your bills, using just the right amount of energy.