Is Amarone della Valpolicella a good wine?

Is Amarone della Valpolicella a good wine?

Amarone della Valpolicella is one of the most famous and best Italian wines recognized internationally for its elegance, complexity and great aging potential. However, many producers often tend to further extend the aging time of wines before putting them on the market.

What is the difference between Amarone and Recioto?

Recioto wines retain sugar content at the end of fermentation, which gives them their signature sweetness – starting at around 50g/l residual sugar and upwards. Amarone wines will be fermented to a drier style. Some will reach double figures on the residual sugar, but many will be down around 5g/l to 7g/l.

How do you drink a Recioto?

The Recioto is an excellent dessert wine, that goes perfectly with the cakes of the Veronese tradition (such as the pandoro and the panettone), but can also be served with soft cheese varieties. It is best to uncork the bottle an hour before pouring it and to serve it in large glasses called ballon.

Is Recioto a sweet wine?

It is true that Recioto is a sweet wine, but we must not forget that it is made with exactly the same grapes as Amarone and that, apart from a slight difference in alcohol content due to a shorter fermentation, the structure, aromatic complexity and intensity of the two wines are the same.

What does Recioto taste like?

A young Recioto will have an intense fruity taste profile, with very distinct hints of cherry, black cherry, blackberry, black currant and other berries. An aged Recioto will tend to be fruity but with more complex hues of dried fruit, compotes and jams, sweet spices such as liquorice, cinnamon, cocoa, cloves.

What foods go best with Amarone?

The robust, sometimes oxidized character of traditional Amarones make them especially well-suited for pairing with steaks, stews and ribs. The red fruit intensity and softer tannins of modern Amarones mean they pair well with pork, veal, and poultry dishes. All Amarones work well with big flavored cheeses.

What is Recioto della Valpolicella?

Traditional “sparkling” version of the classic Recioto della Valpolicella. A sweet red wine with an inebriating fruity aroma between raspberries and black cherries, while its flavour has a final note of cherry jam and raisins. A rainbow of enveloping flavours.

What kind of wine is Amarone?

It is a symbol of the winemaking in the Valpolicella Classica area, which is based on the particular process of naturally drying only the ripest grapes, and is considered the origin of Amarone. Ruby-red in colour, it is sweet, soft and creamy, a unique red wine in the Italian wine panorama.

What is a Cantina di Negrar wine?

Cantina di Negrar wines are rooted in the winemaking tradition of Valpolicella and the Veronese wine-growing areas, with a modern reinterpretation to guarantee the best quality and price ratio.