How to begin an essay: some tips and recommendations

Education in schools and universities is improving and acquiring new perspectives every day. Many countries have already invented their own models of education, where the student can choose interesting directions by himself. It is also worth noting that the world education is experiencing a large-scale technological evolution – various gadgets and adaptations are gaining popularity and they not only help students with their mobility, but also open up new opportunities for them in studying the sciences.


But in parallel there are classical methods of instruction that our ancestors used and our children will use. One of these methods is the ability to express on paper your opinion about different problems, suggest a solution or simply describe any life processes. For this, students and schoolchildren are offered to write various essays, tests or essays. In this article we will tell you about the main secrets how to start a quality custom essay without losing time and effort.


What is an essay and where it comes in handy?


The custom essay in English is a kind of creative work with an arbitrary composition that reveals the author’s opinion on problem of a social, cultural or historical plan. This is not a publication, an article, an abstract. The essay is very similar to abstract, but the main difference is in the purpose of writing. The abstract always contains a conclusion, and the custom essay only encourages the reader to think and do it themselves. Where can you use the essay?


  • While studying at school. Written works are very often used by middle and high school teachers to study the individuality of each student and his life


  • At university or college. An essay is very popular among teachers and students. It may differ from schoolwork by an increased volume or more complex subject.


  • When passing exams. You can often face the need to perform creative work while passing the state and international examinations. It is especially important to be most attentive at such moments.


  • When hiring. By joining prestigious companies, your employer can ask for a short essay to understand your life goals and potential. Try to be honest, show your best qualities while writing such work.


The optimal structure of an essay is the key to your success


Do not think that while checking at a school, university or company, your examiner will not be able to pay attention to minor errors. Use the spare sheet to create the correct text and, if necessary, correct the errors, and then make it into a workbook or form. There are many rules for creating a quality text, but the main one is the structure of an essay. Let’s get acquainted with the appropriate introduction of a small essay depending on its type:


  • For & Against Essays: a competent entry into an essay of this type implies a description of the topic that will be discussed. You need to briefly talk about some phenomenon or process in the life of society without mentioning your own opinion. This is necessary for the objectivity of the essay, because you should describe the advantages and disadvantages of any topic.


  • Opinion Essays: in an essay of this type, you are recommended to disclose in detail the topic about which you will write, and indicate your personal opinion on this. Since the topic requires you to suggest solutions to a problem, you should tell about its possible causes. Do not hesitate to express your opinion, even if it is not like others.


  • Points to consider: at the time you write the preface to this type of essay, you need to state an important issue that has affected you or the community. In this case, you should not focus on your own opinion – you can do it in the end.


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