How is IIPM quora?

How is IIPM quora?

IIPM is indeed a mediocre colleges aimed at mediocre students but those who pay and get a degree do end up getting a job which they would not have got otherwise. My cousin who had a Bcom degree (second class) managed to get the IIPM’s fake MBA and got a job as stock brokerage company and earning 35K per month.

Is Iipm degree is valid in India?

“It is further clarified that IIPM is neither entitled to award any UG or PG degree, including BBA/MBA/BCA nor it is recognized by UGC,” it said.

Is Iipm Recognised by Wes?

IIPM / IMI is not recognized by WES – you would not get any points for your degrees.

Who is the owner of Amity?

Ashok Chauhan
Ashok Chauhan is an Indian industrialist and president of the Amity Education Group. He is also the founder of Ritnand Balved Education Foundation.

Why choose IIPM?

Institute is actively supported by the industry through its uniquely designed Faculty Finance Support Scheme and Commodity Boards of India chairs. IIPM has been ranked among top sectoral management institute by Business India B-School survey.

Why choose iipmb for fpbm/aebm?

“Students will be admitted through IIPMB’s entrance test ‘IPAT’ for FPBM/AEBM programmes”. The Institute is today a centre of excellence which acts as a think tank and an intellectual resource base for the plantation and associated agri-business sector. Read more Institute has a strong research focus on policy, managerial and operational issues.

Does IIPM teach MBA or BBA programmes?

Students must categorically know that IIPM does not teach MBA or BBA programmes (nor does it give any degrees or has given any degrees ever since inception). Read landmark research articles from IIPM Think Tank publications by…