How do you write a reading response paper?

How do you write a reading response paper?

Nonetheless, it is important that you demonstrate an understanding of the reading and clearly explain and support your reactions.Write as an Educated Adult. Criticize with Examples. Mention the Title, Author, Main Thesis. Connect to the Text.

How do you write a reader response approach?

When writing a reader-response, write as an educated adult addressing other adults or fellow scholars. As a beginning scholar, be cautious of criticizing any text as boring, crazy, or dull. If you do criticize, base your criticism on the principles and form of the text itself.

What is a reader response essay?

• A critical essay that tells the reader what a historical monograph (book) means to you. It. reflects a close reading of the work, contains specific examples drawn from the work (documented parenthetically with page numbers), and provides your well-considered opinion of the work’s strengths and/or shortcomings.

Why is reader response important?

Reader Response is a critical theory that stresses the importance of the role of the reader in constructing the meaning of a work of literature. Reader response criticism not only allows for, but even interests itself in how these meanings to change from reader to reader and from time to time.

What is the basic idea of the reader response theory?

reader-response theorists share two beliefs: 1) that the role of the reader cannot be omitted from our understanding of literature and 2) that readers do not passively consume the meaning presented to them by an objective literary text; rather they actively make the meaning they find in literature” (154).

How do readers respond to literature?

Researchers have found that readers respond to literature in a variety of ways — by retelling, summarizing, analyzing, and generalizing (Applebee, 1978). Writing is one form of responding to literature (Harste, Short, & Burke, 1988).

How do you express criticism?

How to Deliver Criticism Kindly (and Not Criticize At All)Don’t attack attack, insult, or be mean in any way.Talk about actions or things, not the person.Don’t tell the person he’s wrong.Don’t criticize at all.

What is blind criticism?

usually disapproving : accepting the actions or decisions of someone or something without any questions or criticism. blind.