How do I download WildTangent?

How do I download WildTangent?

Click “Sign In” enter your login information. When signed into your account on the WildTangent Games App, Click Account and you will arrive on the Purchase History page. You will see a list of your game purchases under the title Bought Games with Download to the right. Simply click Download and follow the prompts.

What happened to WildTangent?

Gamigo Inc (trade name: WildTangent) is an American game services company based in Bellevue, Washington. It provides services to several PC manufacturers, including Dell and HP. In 2019, German gaming company Gamigo AG, which also owns Trion Worlds, acquired the company.

Can you play WildTangent games on a tablet?

Consumers utilizing smartphones or tablet PCs with Android OS 2.2 can download the WildTangent Games App by going to WildCoins, WildTangent’s multi-platform virtual currency, can be used to rent or purchase games.

Why has my WildTangent Games app stopped working?

If the WildTangent Games App is not working as expected, the very first step Customer Support recommends is: turn off your computer, then turn it on again, and relaunch the WildTangent Games App. Sounds too easy, sure, but you would be surprised how often it works.

Can you play WildTangent games on iPhone?

Escape, is now available for iOS devices. Penguins! Escape is the mobile update to the beloved WildTangent game, Penguins! Played by millions, this game has been adapted for a fun, new experience on the phone and tablet with updated graphics that are optimized for both iPhone and iPad touch displays.

Is WildTangent website safe?

WildTangent software is sometimes erroneously flagged as unsafe by security software. Rest assured, the WildTangent Games Application, and the games you download are 100% safe. The Games App is complex, and when you unlock games, or use WildCoins, and watch an ad, your computer is communicating with WildTangent.

Is WildTangent legit?

Is Wild Tangent Games a virus? – Quora. Fear not, for it is not a virus. It is, however, bloatware AKA bundleware AKA pre-installed software. It is typically bundled with Windows from several manufacturers (Dell, HP, etc).

How do you reinstall a video game?

How do I uninstall or reinstall a game on my computer? Go to your Purchase History and click Install Now next to the game. Select Run or Save File. If prompted, click OK or Run to open the game’s executable file and start downloading.

Can you play WildTangent games on Android?

Beginning today, Android mobile device owners from across the globe will be able to rent, purchase and play games for free through WildTangent’s Games App, a highly curated service for mobile games. …

Does WildTangent Games have viruses?

Wild tangent games are offered in Pre installed OS versions by Computer manufacturers. Although, It is not a Virus, It still utilizes the computer resources like system memory, processor and internet bandwidth. It may result in performance deterioration.

Should I uninstall WildTangent Games?

Select “WildTangent Games” and click Uninstall/Change (note: this text may say Change/Remove depending on your Operating System). Check the boxes of the program(s) you wish to uninstall. Choose “all” if you want to remove all WildTangent programs – including games – from your computer).

What is WildTangent Games app?

WildTangent powers game services for several PC manufacturers including Acer branded as Acer Games. WildTangent Games App is pre-installed on Acer PC and provides access to a variety of Wild Tangent video games.

What does WildTangent Games do?

CrunchBase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: WildTangent. WildTangent is a worldwide cross-device games company focused on the distribution and monetization of mobile, social and online games. WildTangent Games is a games service offering thousands of premium games to consumers with WildTangent’s patented technology.