How do I combine multiple categorical variables in SPSS?

How do I combine multiple categorical variables in SPSS?

SPSS Combine Categorical Variables Syntax

  1. *1. Declare new tmp string variable. string tmp(a1000).
  2. *2. Combine values and value labels of doctor_rating and nurse_rating into tmp string variable.
  3. *3. Convert string variable into numeric.
  4. *4. Delete tmp string variable.
  5. *5. Optionally, apply variable label to end result.

How do you regroup variables in SPSS?

Running the Procedure

  1. Click Data > Split File.
  2. Select the option Organize output by groups.
  3. Double-click the variable Gender to move it to the Groups Based on field.
  4. When you are finished, click OK.

How do I create a multi variable table in SPSS?

2.6. 1.3. SPSS: Frequency table of multiple variables with same values

  1. Click in the menubar on Analyze.
  2. Click on Tables (or in version 23 on Custom Tables)
  3. Click on Custom Tables.
  4. Select all the variables that you want to show and have the same values.
  5. Move them all to the Rows.

How do you merge variables in SPSS data?

Data > Merge Files > Add Variables… Select the dataset or external IBM SPSS Statistics data file to merge with the active dataset….

  1. Select the variables from the external file variables (+) on the Excluded Variables list.
  2. Select Match cases on key variables in sorted files.
  3. Add the variables to the Key Variables list.

How do I recode multiple variables in SPSS?

To recode into different variables, click Transform > Recode into Different Variables. The Recode into Different Variables window will appear. The left column lists all of the variables in your dataset. Select the variable you wish to recode by clicking it.

How do you create a table with multiple variables?

Creating a table with lots of variables. You can create tables with an unlimited number of variables by selecting Insert > Analysis > More and then selecting Tables > Multiway Table. For example, the table below shows Average monthly bill by Occupation, Work Status, and Gender.

What does grouping variable mean SPSS?

A grouping variable (also called a coding variable, group variable or by variable) sorts data within data files into categories or groups. It tells a computer system how you’ve sorted data into groups.

What is the grouping variable in SPSS t test?

In SPSS Statistics, we separated the groups for analysis by creating a grouping variable called Treatment (i.e., the independent variable), and gave the “diet group” a value of “1” and the “exercise group” a value of “2” (i.e., the two groups of the independent variable).

How do I change the input and output variables in SPSS?

Move it into the Input Variable -> Output Variable box by clicking on the arrow button. In this example, we will transform the Major If Not Psychology variable (again): Click in the Name box in the Output Variable section. Type in the name of the new SPSS variable that will hold the recoded values.

Can We Recode into different variables (SPSS)?

Can we recode into different variables (SPSS) in order to create the IPP variable out of the 4 initial variables and the NIPP variable out of the e remaining initial variables? So, IPP should be a new variable including initial variables 1-4 and the INPP should be a second new variable including initial variables 5-7.

How do I recode a variable into a different variable?

The Recode into Different Variables dialog box appears: Select the variable that you want to recode from the list at the left by clicking on it. Move it into the Input Variable -> Output Variable box by clicking on the arrow button.