How big is a DC-9?

How big is a DC-9?

104 feet 4 inches
Technical Specifications

First flight Feb. 25, 1965
Wingspan 89 feet 4 inches
Length 104 feet 4 inches
Height 27 feet 6 inches
Power plant Two 12,250-pound-thrust P&W JT8D engines

How big is a DC-10?

182 feet 3 inches
Technical Specifications

First flight Aug. 29, 1970
Model number DC-10/KC-10
Wingspan 155 feet 4 inches
Length 182 feet 3 inches
Height 57 feet 6 inches

What does DC stand for in DC-9?


Acronym Definition
DC9 Douglas DC-9 (airliner; McDonnell Douglas)

Are there any DC-9 still flying?

A total of 30 DC-9 aircraft (all variants) were in commercial service as of July 2018. Operators include Aeronaves TSM (8), USA Jet Airlines (6), Everts Air Cargo (4), Ameristar Charters (4) and other operators with fewer aircraft.

Are DC-10 still flying?

In February 2014, the DC-10 made its last commercial passenger flight. Cargo airlines continue to operate it as a freighter, its largest operator is FedEx Express. The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital is a DC-10 adapted for eye surgery. Some DC-10s are on display, while other retired aircraft are in storage.

How high can a DC10 fly?

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Specs

DC-10 Specs DC-10-10 DC-10-30
Ceiling 12,800 m (42,000 ft)
Engines x 3 GE CF6-6D GE CF6-50C
Engine Thrust 177.92kN (40,000 lbf) 226.85 kN (51,000 lbf)
Take-off 2,700m/9,000ft 3,200m/10,500ft

How many Boeing 707s are still flying?

Boeing 707s still in service But plenty of aircraft remain flying. Today, most are in military service. The US Air Force operates 49 707 aircraft – all military variants based on the 707, including the E-3 Sentry and the E-8.

What is the difference between a dc9-10 and a DC-9-20?

Subsequent stretched versions are described separately. Small numbers of developed versions of the DC-9-10 were also built. The DC-9-20 featured the DC-9-10’s fuselage with the 30’s more powerful engines and longer span wings, giving better hot and high performance.

When did the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 come out?

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 (initially the Douglas DC-9) is a single-aisle airliner designed by the Douglas Aircraft Company. After introducing its heavy DC-8 in 1959, Douglas approved the smaller, all-new DC-9 for shorter flights on April 8, 1963.

How many seats does a DC-9 have?

No other airliner in history has undergone more development than the prolific DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/717 series, which started life with the 70 seat DC-9-10 of the early sixties. Douglas developed the DC-9 as a short range airliner complementing the much larger DC-8.

What is a DC-9 plane?

The DC-9 was an all new design, featuring rear fuselage mounted engines, a T-tail, moderately swept wings and seats for up to 90 passengers in a five abreast fuselage. Construction of the prototype began in July 1963 and the first flight occurred on February 25 1965.