Do you need a counterclaim in an argumentative essay?

Do you need a counterclaim in an argumentative essay?

When writing an argumentative essay, you need to acknowledge the valid points of the other side of the argument (counterclaim). Otherwise, you will come off sounding narrow-minded and thereby less effective.

What must be included in an argumentative essay?

A typical argumentative essay comprises three or more paragraphs that explain the reasons why you support your thesis. Each body paragraph should cover a different idea or piece of evidence and contain a topic sentence that clearly and concisely explains why the reader should agree with your position.

How do you handle an argumentative essay?

Argumentative Essay Writing TipsFind a Good Argument. First, find a concrete (and potentially controversial) argument to use as your base. Pick a Topic You’re Passionate About. Research as Much as Possible. Gather All Your Facts. Formulate an Outline. Mind Your Formatting. Let Your Passion Bleed Through.