Are any Beauty and the geeks still together?

Are any Beauty and the geeks still together?

As a result there were plenty of fans who hoped the couple might be able to overcome long distance (with George in Melbourne and Josie in Sydney). However George and Josie have shared updates about their relationship status, revealing they are no longer together.

Are Bryanna and Kieran still together?

However, and some people may be disappointed to learn this, we are currently not dating.” He went on to explain that after feeling some insecurities and anxiety, Kiran asked Bryanna for a “reset” so that they could explore their friendship first, without the baggage of a reality TV show.

Are Lachlan and Jordan still together?

Jordan Finlayson and Lachlan Cosgrove say that their relationship is “awesome”. A couple from Australia’s Beauty and the Geek have revealed that they are still in a relationship.

Are Josie and George still together?

Unfortunately Josie and I aren’t together. We really did try to make things work after the show, and for a while it did.” George went on to explain that despite their break-up, they remained friends. We are both happy and in a great place as friends, and I still feel such a fierce connection to you, Josie.”

What happened to Kiran and Bryanna?

While they left the reality show confessing their attraction for one another and hoped to maintain a relationship on the outside world, Kiran has now shared an important update. Taking to his Instagram, the freshly made over 30-year-old announced that the once-loved up duo are now simply just “friends”.

Where did Beauty and the Geek originate?

Beauty and the Geek Australia is an Australian reality television series based on the US series Beauty and the Geek created by Ashton Kutcher….

Beauty and the Geek Australia
Country of origin Australia
Original language English
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 61

Where is George from Beauty and the Geek from?

George lives in Melbourne, Josie lives in Sydney. “Long distance is incredibly difficult at the best of times, throw in the huge obstacles and complexities of a global pandemic and you have a far from ideal situation.” But it wasn’t a bitter break-up. They’re still friends.