What places did Hernando de Soto explore?

What places did Hernando de Soto explore?

Hernando de Soto was a Spanish explorer and conquistador who participated in the conquests of Central America and Peru and discovered the Mississippi River.

Where did Hernando de Soto explore and why?

Seeking greater glory and riches, de Soto embarked on a major expedition in 1538 to conquer Florida for the Spanish crown. He and his men traveled nearly 4,000 miles throughout the region that would become the southeastern United States in search of riches, fighting off Native American attacks along the way.

What Valley did Hernando de Soto explore?

De Soto’s Discovery of the Mississippi, 1541. (Johnson, Fry & Co., 1858). (Gilder Lehrman Collection) In 1539, Hernando de Soto led the first major European expedition into the interior of the southeastern North America, an area then known as La Florida.

Where did Hernando de Soto land in the New World?

Tampa Bay
Exploration of southern North America In April 1538 de Soto embarked from the port of Sanlúcar de Barrameda in command of 10 ships and 700 men. After a brief stop in Cuba, the expedition landed in May 1539 on the coast of Florida, at a point somewhere between present-day Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor.

Why did Desoto come to the area known as Georgia?

Marker Text: Hernando de Soto, born ca. 1500, nobleman, conquistador, Governor of Cuba, with rights to conquer Florida, traveled in 1540 through what later became Georgia on an expedition to find gold.

What was De Soto looking for in his exploration of Georgia?

De Soto spent most of his time in Georgia in search of gold. He and his men believed it existed somewhere in the mountains that occupy the northwestern part of the state after hearing rumors from natives that they consulted.

What effect did Hernando de Soto discovery have on the area that he explored or discovered?

De Soto’s expedition led the Spanish crown to reconsider Spain’s attitude toward the colonies north of Mexico. He claimed large parts of North America for Spain. The Spanish concentrated their missions in the state of Florida and along the Pacific coast.

Which river did Lasalle explore?

René-Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle, (born November 22, 1643, Rouen, France—died March 19, 1687, near Brazos River [now in Texas, U.S.]), French explorer in North America who led an expedition down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers and claimed all the region watered by the Mississippi and its tributaries for …

Who was the first known European explorer in Georgia?

explorer Hernando de Soto
About 1540, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, on a quest for silver and gold, led the first European expedition into the area that is now Georgia.

Where were Spain’s first settlements in Georgia?

In 1526, Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón established the first Spanish colony, which he named San Miguel de Gualdape after the Guale Indians. Located near Sapelo Sound in present-day Georgia, the community did not survive because of poor planning and difficult weather conditions.

Why did DeSoto come to the area known as Georgia?