What is IEC 61850?

What is IEC 61850?

In order to integrate substation protection, control, measurement and monitoring applications into one common protocol, a new communication protocol has been developed and standardized as IEC 61850 – Communication Networks and Systems in Substations.

Is the IEC 61850 g00se protocol supported on industrial switches?

IEC 61850 G00SE protocol We’re using GOOSE protocol for substation communication. The protocol is supported on Cisco Industrial switches. My understanding is that the protocol encapsulate to the Ethernet frame and is supported by IEEE, thus it should work with any Cisco switches, not just the industrial switches.

Are PRP and HSR IEC 61850 Redundancy Protocol?

Further PRP and HSR are not IEC 61850 redundancy protocols but are defined and standardized by IEC 62439. But the O.P. question remains – how do we in the REAL world get this fuctioning with cisco switches?

What is the test mode of iaiec 61850?

IEC 61850 includes a test mode used to check the equipment functionality without disturbing its normal operation. The utilities need to evaluate if the test mode fulfils their requirements and to specify its inclusion in the required equipment. Of course, its use should be included in the maintenance procedures.