How long does Samsung Galaxy S2 battery last?

How long does Samsung Galaxy S2 battery last?

The battery level will be displayed in the Moment bar. Note: This device has a standby time up to 72 hours when on a 3G connection and 96 hours on a Bluetooth connection. The device has a talk time up to 3 hours on a 3G connection and 6.5 hours on a Bluetooth connection.

Does Samsung Tab s2 support fast charging?

Since tablets have significantly larger batteries than most smartphones they have been shipping with high wattage chargers since before fast charging came to smartphones. Unfortunately, the Tab S2 is an exception to this trend, and doesn’t have any support for fast charging.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S2 a good phone?

The Bottom Line The Samsung Galaxy S2 crams a gorgeous display, lightning-fast processor and powerful camera into one of the slimmest, lightest smart phones we’ve ever had the pleasure to hold. The Android operating system could be more user-friendly, but it’s never felt faster.

How thick is the Samsung Galaxy S2?

You wouldn’t guess the Galaxy S2 was packing all this heat from looks alone. At just 8.5mm thick it’s a true size zero of the smartphone world. That said, thickness is the only dimension where this phone does undercut the competition; when it comes to width and height, it’s larger than most.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 worth it?

The Bottom Line The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2’s brilliant screen, plentiful storage capacity and slender build make it a great tablet for everyday use at home or on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is among the best deals going in the tablet space.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S2 have Android on board?

Note that we’ve replaced our original review with this one, as Samsung has updated the Galaxy S2’s software since the phone’s launch. Having Android on-board also means that the Galaxy S2 tends to display Google’s rather pragmatic approach to user-interface design.