How do you write a good house captain speech?

How do you write a good house captain speech?

Hello, my name is Jared. I would like to be house captain because I would absolutely love to lead you to victory on sports day. I will listen to all of your ideas, I will cheer you up when your sad and I am a good role model. Please vote for me and I will never let you down.

What is a good school captain speech?

I would be a good School Captain, I am responsible and trustworthy. I would be a good School Captain, I would make a great representative of the school because I like to assist students and teachers in any way possible, I am confident, I try to include everyone, I am a good listener and I follow school rules.

What makes a good house captain?

House captains have a good attitude, appearance, work hard and are determined. We will be ready to work every day and encourage positive behaviour. Job Roles: Work with house leaders and other members of the school.

What should a house captain do?

Role and Responsibilities of the House Captains Encouraging fellow students to participate in house activities and competitions. Sustaining the spirit of the House and bidding fellow students to maintain discipline during House activity. Seeking guidance from the House In-charge and reporting to him/her.

How do you write a good leadership speech?

8 Steps to Make a Great Speech

  1. Admit You Have a Problem. Isn’t this always the first step?
  2. Develop a Great Opening. You need to grab your audience’s attention at the very beginning.
  3. Organize Your Presentation.
  4. Take Care of Yourself.
  5. Own the Room.
  6. Connect With Your Audience.
  7. Remember, ‘Content Is King’
  8. Ask for Honest Feedback.

What should I write in my house captain speech?

House Captain Speeches. You will not be upset in my house. I’m confident that on sports day we will get closer to winning sports day and I’ll make sure I get house points by doing my school work well. I’m good at encouragement. Try to give me as many votes as you can. I will do my best as house captain.

What is the persuasive speech from Captain Hook?

Persuasive Speech from Captain Hook Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I have, may it please the court and jury, a few words to say. In the first place, I do not deny anything that the court has against me. Of course, I am here to make an appeal to the court to acknowledge that I did not have any intention to kill Peter Pan.

What makes you a good house captain?

If you don’t know anything about me, or aren’t engaged yet, let me tell you some of the things that I think make me a good house captain. First of all I am someone that would appreciate what you do no matter what. Second of all, I am polite and encouraging. Third of all, I am respectful and not a person who would say hurtful things.